Practice Announcement

Dear Salmonberry Community,

Effective September 1, 2017, midwife Louisa Wales, LM, CPM will step back substantially from the provision of direct client care in the practice. After 7 years as a primary midwife first at Gumnut Blossom Midwifery LLC, and more recently throughout the construction and licensing of Salmonberry Midwives and Birth Center LLC, the time has come for Louisa to shift gears and focus on the administration of the birth center and also into her work as a midwifery educator at Bastyr University and maternal child health advocate both here in Washington and nationally.

Louisa will continue in her role as Clinical Director providing clinical oversight and support to our core midwifery team of Melanie Brindle LM, CPM and Holly Campbell LM, CPM, MSc and Julie Bennett RN, LM. She will fill in at clinic and take some limited call for births as needed.

Independent midwifery is a tremendously demanding and rewarding profession, one which occasionally requires some respite from the rigors of continuous practice. We appreciate enormously your understanding and patience as we navigate this significant transition. She’s still here, still active in the practice, you’ll just be seeing a little less of her on a day to day basis.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. You can always e-mail us at

Warmly and with appreciation.

The Salmonberry Midwifery Team.

Julie, Melanie, Holly, Louisa and Jennifer.