Family centered, intimate and beautiful, Salmonberry Birth Center provides the finest midwifery care throughout pregnancy and birth and beyond. 


Midwifery Care

The months of pregnancy and the day you give birth to your baby are a voyage to the most important relationships of your lives.

You will be cared for by the Salmonberry Midwives, a team of skilled, experienced midwives and support staff who will take the journey of your pregnancy with you, from your first prenatal visit till your final postpartum appointment. We are the specialists in normal, physiologic pregnancy and birth.

Midwifery care offers an alternative to mainstream obstetrical care for pregnant people: optimizing health outcomes and satisfaction emphasizing the client and their family’s active participation in their pregnancy care and minimizing unnecessary and potentially harmful intervention.

The Midwifery Model of Care is holistic and family-centered. It focuses on the ways in which parents can prepare their bodies and minds for the work of growing, birthing and then feeding healthy babies. Midwives serve as guardians of healthy and normal. Midwives are trained to identify conditions which fall outside the normal spectrum of childbearing and refer to higher level obstetrical care when necessary. 

Your Care

The care schedule is very similar to that of conventional OB care, however visits are usually 45 minutes long, personal and informative. Clients are encouraged to read widely and ask lots of questions

We encourage all families expecting their first baby to take comprehensive childbirth education classes to prepare for their births and retain the services of a doula (professional Labor Support Person) as part of their team. We have educators and doulas who offer New Parent Packages for this purpose. 

We aim to surround families with resources and deeply personalized care to optimize health outcomes and your experience of pregnancy and birth.



Where to Begin?

No matter what point you are in your pregnancy, you may call the birth center at 360-779-0004 to schedule a consultation visit with one of the Salmonberry Midwives before beginning your care.

You only get one chance to give birth to this baby. It’s never too late to consider a change of provider or site of birth.

At your consultation you will:

  • Get to know the midwives and see if we are a good "fit" for you and your family

  • Learn about midwifery care and if your pregnancy is suitable for low-risk maternity care.

  • Learn about your options: home or birth center.

Once you establish your care you will:

  • Learn about facility billing and the expected costs of having your baby at a freestanding birth center, or at home

  • Take a tour of the birth center

  • Take a comprehensive, independent childbirth education class and hire a doula!

  • Register at Salmonberry Birth Center and reserve a Birth Assistant


Clients birthing at SBC must register in person during business hours on clinic days (M, W, Th & F) anytime in the third trimester. You are welcome to do this before or after a prenatal visit, or you can make a separate appointment.

 When you come to register, please bring all of your insurance information. Even if you have an insurance policy without maternity coverage we must bill all carriers.

More information about costs can be found here.



Comprehensive Midwifery Care
Home Birth
Pregnancy Testing
Pre-conception Care
Fertility and Perinatal Accupuncture
Perinatal Massage


Midwifery Care
Postpartum Home Visiting
Lactation Care
Breast Pump Rental
Well-Woman Healthcare
Childbirth Education and Doula Referral


Two spacious birth suites with en suite bathrooms
Deep soaking tubs for labor and water birth if desired
Nitrous oxide (NO2) for pain relief in labor
Spacious family/waiting room with kitchenette
In-house acupuncture and massage staff
WiFi and in-suite Bluetooth music system
Close to Lab, ultrasound and urgent care facilities as well as EMS and Harrison Medical Center Silverdale