Designed for Luxury 

Salmonberry Birth Center was imagined as a licensed healthcare facility that feels like a fine hotel.

Bright colors, clean, modern lines and lots of natural light  welcome you into your birth suite. Both suites feature large soaking tubs with shower heads, spacious beds and comfortable chairs and rockers.

Sliding screens divide the birth suite from it's bathroom, offering complete privacy when it's needed.

Plush towels, bathrobes and hotel linens will help make your stay comfortable.



Equipped for Comfort and Safety

Every feature in the space was designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

You will be attended by skilled midwives and assistants during your labor, birth and postpartum.

The birth center is stocked with all the equipment needed to facilitate normal birth. Oxygen, resuscitation equipment, medications and other tools needed to monitor you and your baby throughout the process are available in each suite.

The health and safety of you and your baby are our most important considerations.